New At Irwin Naturals – Irwin Ayurvedics – Formulas Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Specific Body-Type

by IrwinNaturals on November 15, 2011

ayurvedic body type pittaWe’ve launched! You can now find everything Ayurvedic at our new Irwin Ayurvedics product site at There, you will find quality information, diet supplements and nourishing products to fit all body types.

If you’re new to Ayurvedics, we welcome you. The ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda is devoted to longevity and balance of mind, body and spirit. We’ve taken those sacred tenets and bottled a wonderful line of enhancing herbal supplements to help you with your mind-body balance, regardless if your body type is that of a small frame, medium frame or larger frame.

We’re excited about the new line of Ayurvedics. We’ve prepared these supplements according to ancient Vedic texts, after a development process that included using whole herbs, following a standardized potency process, being checked for authenticity and being tested for heavy metals. Our quality control means a lot to us, so we can pass to you the best herbal supplements on the market.

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